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On my birthday I got the best surprise gift I could imagine! The gift of traveling is much more than a simple product, in the sense of living amazing moments and exploring the world in a cozy adventurous trip. In this blog post I am going to try and share as much information as I can, because I had no time to prepare and take my camera along to record all the amazing moments in Budapest!

Budapest has originally been split in Buda and Pest which by equal parts translates in tenacious, splendid, stunning and passionate. Through the years, Budapest, which is divided by Danube has got a mesmerizing history, countless museums, castles and opera houses than you can endeavor, and a delightful cuisine! (be sure to try their famous Goulash).


One of the greatest things I loved about Budapest is that you can explore the city in just a couple of days. Day or night doesn’t matter since the city always welcomes you to try stuff at any given time – making it a perfect European city to visit for a looong weekend away.

Buda Castle is a beautiful historic building right in the heart of the city. Take a 20 minute walk to the top of the castle and enjoy a glance of the amazing city views. Besides of the view, the amazing architectural designs of the castle will empower your imagination to move back in time, and construct the well thought manner of how the castle would function. Initially, the positioning of the castle would give you a great angle to see anybody in all directions in a very long distance! The faucets and systems to keep the castle running elaborate the mindset of the people that have long experience in building sustainable and effective areas for the whole population of that time! Thinking of these great historic points of views emerge the geekiness of how Budapest had amazing scientist and engineers though out history!


The Széchenyi Chain Bridge is the main connection point for Buda and Pest. This amazing and beautiful bridge stands uniquely to the lavish and stunning architecture that surround it, making it a glamorous point of interest throughout history. Brooklyn Bridge in New York can be compared to it where it had such a great importance for the infrastructure of its population! Another place you need to visit is the Fisherman’s Bastion, the next historical point where all the great architectural designs come into place. The Fisherman’s Bastion is another example of high-altitude medieval constructions where sight on all directions is mandatory! (PS you can get great pictures, and sightseeing from there)


When it comes to Budapest, there’s a lot to take in, so either kit yourself out with a good guide or do your research and plan all these must-see places!

In Pest, on the eastern side of the Danube, you’ll find the riverside parliament building. The parliament building is situated in the center of the eastern side, showing the importance that Hungary put through its country’s history. The old architecture of the building envisions an earlier thrust of country building and high importance of the people’s dedication in creating powerful community systems.

Budapest has a history of entertaining visitors with its charismatic charms, medieval history and architecture that cannot be compared! There is a lot of sightseeing, activities and events that you can attend, not letting you stop the adventure at any point during your visit!






And don’t forget to stop at the New York Cafe for some amazing delicious food, and brilliant architecture!



I think Budapest has become one of my favorite cities ❤. For those who do not yet know, be careful, you will fall in love. In order to make the most of the city, I advise you to stay there for a minimum of 4 days because a weekend will not be enough!



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