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I always get tons of questions about my skincare routine and beauty products. We all seek that “youthful glow” and often turn to makeup for the answer. But if we aren’t careful our make up routine can actually be adding age instead of taking it away. I will be sharing a few skin care tips to help create that youthful fresh face.I have really sensitive skin so I wanted to share some of those skincare issues we’ll all face this season and some go-to fixes.

1. Stress: Sure stress is a year-round problem, but with less sunshine and vitamin D, stress seems to take a stronger toll more during fall and winter. I’ve been feeling overwhelmed lately and have noticed the stress really affects my skin.

2. Dry skin: With the weather drying out, you should be hydrating regularly. That means extra water and never skipping your face moisturizer,

3. Pollution: Living in a city, there is really bad pollution here in Prishtina. There are always so many factors you have to pay attention to with skin that I didn’t ever think pollution was one of the main ones, but my dermatologist told me that the air is so bad here that everyone’s skin is more prone to fine lines and other issues because of the pollution. The inversion always gets worse in the winter so I’ve been making a more concerted effort to use products that protect the skin.


My best solution is :HYDRATE. As anyone would tell you, the first step to getting that youthful glow is to stay hydrated.I use my Hydragenist from Lierac and I have been loving it! On top of drinking water, moisturizer is a non-negotiable. Long, hot showers strip the skin of its moisture and protective oils so try to limit your showers to 10 minutes or under. Studies have shown if you apply your moisturizer with in three minutes of exiting the shower it helps lock in the moisture. The reason why I love this creme so much  it’s because it’s light weight and doesn’t make your skin feel really oily, also you can apply this to your face in the mornings or at night ( or if you love it as much as I do you, you apply it twice a day :) ) .


My lips tent to get really dry during the winter so I make sure to hydrate them with my Lierac nutri-plumping balm which gives my lips a little color,shine, plumps them and most importantly hydrates them._DSC0267

IMG_7722_Facetune_22-01-2018-12-47-40Hair care routine :

Step 1: My Hair Care routine starts with washing my hair with Phytocedrat purifying treatmant shampoo because of the air pollution and my skin type I have an oily scalp and this is just the perfect shampoo to help me balance and treat my hair well.If I have an event or need to wash my hair the other day I make sure to use the Phytopanama- daily balancing shampoo.

Step 2:Then after I wash the shampoo away I use an amazing luxorious line of Phyto which is called Phytodensia fluid plumping mask I take one pump and apply it on the lower part of my hair and focus on the ends that helps my hair detangle and have that silky touch and then wash my hair again.

_DSC0253Step 3: I apply the Phytodensia plumping serum on my scalp.This is a non-oily serum stimulates the scalp.Day after day, hair feels stronger, more resilient and youthful looking.

Step 5: Last but not least I apply the Phyto volume actif – this iconic, heat-activated spray lifts hair at the roots to create touchable, voluminous styles.


PHYTO takes it even a step further with their innovative and environmentally friendly packaging. All products are packaged in either glass containers, aluminum tubes or compostable plastic.

I hope this helps answer some basic skincare and hair care questions. Please let me know if you have any more! I am going to be sharing more on how to use some of my favorite products so feel free to ask anything!

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