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Make up trends 2019 will help you stay fashionable and accentuate your natural beauty in the right way. Makeup style preferences are different for everyone. Some prefer to use a mascara and a lipstick, others are fond of eyeliners and blushes. So, the makeup style depends on what you want to highlight. Those who want to outline their eyes, apply a mascara, an eyeliner and maybe some eye shadow, while girls who want to highlight their lips and make them look fluffy and natural, mainly accentuate their lips with the help of lipsticks and lip pencils.

In the ancient Egypt, people used makeup to cover their faces and only those who had a high social status, could use makeup. For this, they used insects’ blood to cover their lips with “red lipstick” -can you even imagine? It’s also an interesting, that not only women, but men as well applied makeup, they even used eye shadow, mainly in green or blue color.


On today’s post I asked one of my favorite make up studios to join and let us know more about the trends.“AnderrAtelie” has become the “it place” for beauty and has brought attention to a lot of celebrities in the country and abroad. For every art and make up enthusiast, the place inside as the name itself, gives a dreamlike feeling, where by just entering in the Atelie you will immerse yourself into perfection.

Anderr Atelie is here to help people explore the new beauty.

This year make up artists are leaning towards slime green for eye-shadow, which may not be suitable for everyone. It also happens to be one of the biggest colors on the S/S runways.

Fresh and glowing skin is here to say and so is the color Pink. Monochromatic makeup is getting a new meaning with the color pink and beauty brands have dedicated entire eye-shadow, lip, and cheek palettes to rosy shades.


When asked about their favorite  make up brands Anderr Atelie let us know that their working routine includes only the best :MAC Cosmetics, Bobbi Brown Cosmetics, Inglot, Huda Beauty, Estee Lauder, Anastasia Beverly Hills and numerous other top brands.

In every project that they engage they seem to deliver a message by pointing the importance of the customer care, where they always try to make their clients feel welcomed and make their day by satisfying all of their needs at best.

What’s to be expected from Anderr Atelie?

We are pretty sure that they’ll keep satisfying us with their work. Their success shows us that they are headed on the right path, so we just have to observe and admire their results. Check them out on instagram @AnderrAtelie .


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