Little simple dress


I finally caved in and bought a this gorgeous simple striped dress at Stradivarius. Over the past few months I’ve been obsessing over these styles of dresses, and over the weekend I was finally like, “Bler, you just gotta get one for yourself!” And I did! And it’s fantastic!

The great thing about a dress such as this one is that it makes the rest of the outfit easy. Even when paired with simple white heeled sandals, the outfit looks glam and fashion-forward. I threw on a pair sunglasses to spice things up a bit, but the outfit formula is really quite simple, and if you don’t already have one of these dresses, you really need to get on it!

With this dress in particular, I love that I can adjust the outfit of it depending on where I’m wearing it. For a night out or a trip to the beach, I can adjust it so it’s perfectly fitting the event.What I love most is that it works for the early fall as well, just pair it with a black leather jacket and some beige boots and you’re good to go.

I wore this in Preveza,Greece and it worked perfectly in a 34 degree traveling/blogging situation.



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