A quick trip to Belgrade


I got to visit Belgrade and spend some time with my best friend my sister Merima <3! I was planning my visit there for the longest time and we were both super excited and happy that I finally made it there. It was a quick trip so spend only a couple of days there but I loved the city and seeing my best friend. I will give you some tips on visiting the city but can’t wait to go again and let you know more about Belgrade.


Walk the city streets, past towering Communist buildings, graffiti-lined blocks, the banks of the Danube ( this picture is taken right by the river you can go there to watch the sunset the views are amazing), and bands playing along the main drag, and you’ll feel the city’s pulse.The best time to visit will be somewhere between late spring and early autumn (April to October). Alternately, if you are a music lover, you can plan to visit around July / August when the EXIT Festival and Dragacevo Trumpet Festivals are held.




The public transport system in Belgrade is extensive and you can move around easily using the trams, buses, public minibuses, and trolley buses.



If you love shopping, you’re in luck! Belgrade gives you a good shopping fix – you just need to head over to Knez Mihailova Street. It is the main shopping area and pedestrian zone in Belgrade. here are lots of famous buildings on this street, so you’ll have your shopping remedy as well as some sightseeing hotspots. It is also said that, property wise, this street is among the costliest in Belgrade.



And don’t forget to make a quick stop at Dolce by Tintolino for some amazing sweets <3



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