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I am in love with the bright colors this Spring! This cute black a-line ruffled dress balances the outfit where the beautiful delicate purple jacket gives it a pop of Spring. It’s perfect for going out or afternoon cocktails! I feel like I’m serving you some Carrie Bradshaw vibes through this outfit…oh Gosh I could re-watch that show for the 100th time and still enjoy it like it was the first time ever watching it! I’m such a Carrie , and I would love to know which SATC character suits you most : Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte or Miranda..?
Spring 2019 is serving us coral, tumeric,purple, orange, fuschia, goldenrod, pastel blue and nude. A vibrant palette of colors that play perfectly with accents like ruffles, feathers, bows and polka dots!

If you’re happy with the neutral tones in your wardrobe, then perhaps this bright purple jacket is the perfect thing to brighten it up. Either way, the days of winter white are over; it’s time to let your true colours shining through .
I have been blogging for four years now and every year I have been writing this topic. Trends truly come and go, but the bright spring colors are always the ones to stay.
Every year it seems like I’m falling in love with a different color. Last year it was dust pink. This year, purple became my favorite color. Lol, what is your current favorite color?
Now about the colors, I like the contrast between black and purple. I kept the rest of the outfit, neutral colors an all-black look.
A purple jacket can instantly lift an all-black look or add a bold flash to an already colorful outfit.
Last but not least let’s end this blog post with one of my favorite SATC quotes: “The most exciting, challenging and significant relationship of all is the one you have with yourself. ” – This Spring, and on all the seasons remember to love YOURSELF always be true to yourself <3 !
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