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Guess who looks like a Bambi on ice.. it’s safe to say that snowboarding or skiing is not my forte. In fact anything to do with ice is simply a no go situation LOL. This has been on my  “goal list” for so many years, guess I needed a little more courage to go and try it. Like always I love an occasion to style out and as I’d never been to the slopes before I became simply fashion obsessed with snow style.!A great tip for ski is have jeans or leggings on underneath your ski pants. That way once you’ve finished skiing you can take the baggy trousers off and have a cute pair underneath ready for your champers in the snow! To be fair I might just skip the ski part and head straight to the bar for the safety of not only myself but everyone around me!



I don’t like the cold and I’m not exactly sporty, so I didn’t think it’d be my thing. But unexpectedly I loved it – the mountain scenery,  lunch stops up among the clouds and after ski drinks in the cozy Montellio villa. Your first skiing holiday is always going to be a bit of a learning curve – from what to pack to how to stay upright! So to help you get the most from your first ski trip, here are my top tips. There are so many different ski resorts out there, but not all of them are good for beginners, so you need to do a bit of research before you book and I think Brezovica it’s an amazing place to start with. Like any new hobby, it’s probably best to give skiing a try and make sure you actually like it before buying lots of specialist kit and that’s where Montellio got you covered you can rent your skii ,snowboards and helmets there. The one thing you really want to get right is the boots because if they’re too tight or rub when you try them on, they’ll be such a pain by the end of the first day.



You’ll also need some good cold-weather gear and what better place to find them than Montellio’s website. Start with a thermal base layer,then layer up with a waterproof ski jacket and trousers.Don’t forget extras like warm socks, gloves (mittens are warmer if you feel the cold), a hat, a scarf (or buff), and goggles and/or sunglasses (goggles are useful if you get caught in a blizzard). Weather can change quickly  often it’s completely different at the top of the mountain to down,so it’s useful to bring a rucksack so you can add/take off layers as you need. You can also use it to carry water, a packed lunch or snacks and sunscreen.


It’s tempting to save the cash on ski lessons but it’s usually a bad idea. Lessons aren’t that expensive in Brezovica and they have amazing ski instructor in Montellio so you will learn how to ski properly – and it’s a good way to meet other people who’re at the same level if you’re having group lessons.IMG_9102_Facetune_06-03-2018-13-32-20

I would highly recommend you check Montellio’s website to find out the amazing deals they offer, so you can spend a weekend (or a week why not :) ) relaxing and it’s all in one click from your gear to the amazing villa and this gorgeous winter wonderland view I got to write this blogpost.It was such an amazing experience thanks to Montellio team for having me , I enjoyed every bit of it !! Can’t wait to go back !IMG_9108_Facetune_06-03-2018-13-16-58


Guess who won? duhhhhhhhhhh!


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