Make up trends with Anderr Atelie


Make up trends 2019 will help you stay fashionable and accentuate your natural beauty in the right way. Makeup style preferences are different for everyone. Some prefer to use a mascara and a lipstick, others are fond of eyeliners and blushes. So, the makeup style depends on what you want to highlight. Those who want to outline their eyes, apply a mascara, an eyeliner and maybe some eye shadow, while girls who want to highlight their lips and make them look fluffy and natural, mainly accentuate their lips with the help of lipsticks and lip pencils.

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#PhytoSummerFestival -Corsica,France


Last month, I was invited for an influencer brand trip to the island of beauty – Corsica,France with Phyto Paris. It was such a fun week filled with lots of photoshoots,adventures, and many beautiful moments.I got to meet and have fun with a whole bunch of babes and creatives from all over the world that made #PhytoSummerFestival an amazing experience!

As you may know from my previous posts Phyto Paris is a luxurious and effective haircare brand for all hair types that I’ve been using for almost a year, and I can easily say that their products have without a doubt improved my hair in every way using a five-step haircare approach of pre-shampoo,cleansing care, rinse off, leave-in and styling treatments to achieve hair goals,so you can imagine my excitement when I got the invitation from Phyto to join them in #PhytoSummerFestival and represent Phyto Kosovo.  Continue Reading


An amazing experience in Brezovica


Hi loves,


Guess who looks like a Bambi on ice.. it’s safe to say that snowboarding or skiing is not my forte. In fact anything to do with ice is simply a no go situation LOL. This has been on my  “goal list” for so many years, guess I needed a little more courage to go and try it. Like always I love an occasion to style out and as I’d never been to the slopes before I became simply fashion obsessed with snow style.!A great tip for ski is have jeans or leggings on underneath your ski pants. That way once you’ve finished skiing you can take the baggy trousers off and have a cute pair underneath ready for your champers in the snow! To be fair I might just skip the ski part and head straight to the bar for the safety of not only myself but everyone around me! Continue Reading


The power of perfume

IMG_8758_Facetune_23-02-2018-16-15-45I get a lot of question about my favorite scent so here it is: Terre De Lumiere – by Loccitane.Inspired by sunset in Provence this fragrance collection opens to a zesty and aromatic scent that unexpectedly melts into an infinitely gourmand heart, before settling into sensual balsamic and musky base notes. Continue Reading


My current skin & hair care favorites


I always get tons of questions about my skincare routine and beauty products. We all seek that “youthful glow” and often turn to makeup for the answer. But if we aren’t careful our make up routine can actually be adding age instead of taking it away. I will be sharing a few skin care tips to help create that youthful fresh face.I have really sensitive skin so I wanted to share some of those skincare issues we’ll all face this season and some go-to fixes. Continue Reading


Weekend getaway


There’s no better way to relax and recharge than by spending 48 hours at the beautiful mountains in Kosova with your best girlfriends.We got to hang out together and the best part is there is no wifi so we laughed and had so much fun and later, we pampered  ourselves with some face masks to have that SPA feeling, ugh I love girly girly time!Make sure some time to enjoy a carefree weekend getaway in Kosova! Continue Reading


A little bit of Bratislava



Today I’m sharing a city in Eastern Europe that needs to be on your radar: Bratislava, Slovakia. While this capital city rarely tops the charts of European getaways when compared to cities like London or Paris, this historic city has a special charm that you must experience.

From my trip to Budapest I was lucky enough and got to visit Bratislava, Slovakia as well<3. I fell in love with this city ,Bratislava is the secret pearl of that region! The tour through the old town was super interesting.But what I enjoyed most was the view over the city from the castle. Continue Reading


The beautiful Budapest


On my birthday I got a surprise trip which I am so thankful for cuz we had a wonderful time there! I am going to try to share as much information as I can, because it was a surprise trip I had only a couple of hours to pack and I forgot my camera so all these pictures are taken with my phone.

Budapest – or Buda and Pest – is by equal parts gritty and grey, majestic, beautiful and romantic. Over the years, Budapest, which is split down the middle by Danube, it’s also got a fascinating history, more museums, palaces and opera houses than you can shake a stick at, and some seriously delicious cuisine ( make sure you try their famous Goulash). Continue Reading


A quick trip to Belgrade


I got to visit Belgrade and spend some time with my best friend my sister Merima <3! I was planning my visit there for the longest time and we were both super excited and happy that I finally made it there. It was a quick trip so spend only a couple of days there but I loved the city and seeing my best friend. I will give you some tips on visiting the city but can’t wait to go again and let you know more about Belgrade. Continue Reading


Matching with Parga!

I feel like I have been wearing one cocktail party dress after another lately. But this surge in events is not dying out anytime soon.

I stumbled on this coral dress at a boutique while in Parga,Greece and I just  had to buy this because I could not get over how beautiful the color and the material is. The waist belt added that extra feminine touch. I paired the dress with silver accessories , like these sandals and the jewelry along with my favorite Louis Vuitton bag.

You can totally rock this dress for a fall event too. Throw on a black leather jacket, pair it with taupe/black booties and neutral accessories, and you will be good to go!

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